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The Joys of Live Alchemy book

The Joys of Live Alchemy

Live alchemy or divine chemistry provides metaphysical, philosophical, scientific, religious, intellectual and intelligent meaning to the connection between heaven and earth.
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Why do some people... Die too young?

Why do some people...Never have enough money?

Why do some people...Always seem to find something that makes them unhappy?

Why do some people...Develop a debilitating illness?

Why do some people...Keep seeing the grass greener on the other side of the fence?

Why do some people...Find conflict with other people beliefs?

Why do some people...Cultivate addictive harmful habits?

Why do some people...Embrace negative emotions?

Why do some people...Follow the herd, even when they sense it is the wrong thing to do?

Why do some people...Fight wars when they recognize there are no winners, just some lose less?

When you read The Joys of Live Alchemy you will be given authentic choices on how you can view yourself and your world.

Life Enchantment Lectures
Wellness, Dis-ease Prevention, Vital - Energetic Living.
Stock Market and Commodity Investing, Corporate Ethics
Prudent Highways to Preserve Assets
Authentic Mental States of Mind
Plus: any current topic, theme or news you would like to understand without biases, close-mindedness or personal opinionated slants.

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"All conflicts are formulated by differences in opinion. Are your opinions generating love and joy every moment you are on earth?"

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