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Invest With a Genius

Joys of Live Alchemy

Worry Causes Wrinkles

Enjoy Yourself, It's Later Than You Think

Ultra-Violet Haiku

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Well Well Well

"Well Well Well" is a ground-breaking book on healthy eating, meaningful thinking and authentic living.

Still Smiling At 99: Poetry My Way

No holds barred Poetry, on the in's and out's of life and death. When a person reaches 99, s/he realizes time is running out and they need to tell it as it is, not how people would like it to be.

Little Goody Two Shoes Inspires

The creative publication has been gracefully transformed, while at the same time keeping to the original text and meaning as much as possible. It is an updated, encouraging book that is required inspiring reading for all children and adults.

Carpe Diem - Pluck the Day

Are you seizing the day or are you allowing the day to seize you? Have you lost your bliss?

Live Alchemy - 2nd Edition

Wellness, Dis-ease Prevention, Vital - Energetic Living. Mind, Body Spirit, Wisdom Truth, Insights Inspiration, Mindfulness, Spirituality Prudent Highways to Preserve Assets Authentic Mental States of Mind Plus: any current topic, theme or news you would like to understand without biases, close-mindedness or personal opinionated slant

Live Alchemy

Live alchemy or divine chemistry provides metaphysical, philosophical, scientific, religious, intellectual and intelligent meaning to the connection between heaven and earth.

Cutting Truths

In Cutting Truths, probing questions are asked; Are religions based on superstition and fallacies? Can newspapers, magazines, Internet blogs, TV news and other media outlets be trusted to deliver truthful reports?

Paradise Graces A Simple Mind

Lifts the vale of space and time to reveal how each poignant moment can release thoughts of encouragement that will block any attempt of flim-flam, living as a slave in other peoples erroneous lifestyle.

Invest With A Genius - Kindle Edition

New Ebook Edition
Each person embodies a wealth of information that can locate wisdom, leading to true prosperity!

Invest With a Genius

Each person embodies a wealth of information that can locate wisdom, leading to true prosperity!

Worry Causes Wrinkles

Poems and essays that reflect the truths of the soul. A journey through life's twists and turns... smoothing out all the worry wrinkles along the path you can choose.

What is the Point?

An exciting and exhilerating journey into the deep recesses of your subconscious. It is written in a simplistic manner explaining the deepest mysteries mankind has to cope with in this world today.

Minds of Blue, Souls of Gold

A delightful book on mind body soul,with stories,poems and words of wisdom. When you read this book you will be able to find your joy of the day and live in the garden of eden for the rest of your physical life.

Enjoy Yourself,
It's Later Than You Think

This book will help you overcome a mind filled with conditioned nonsense. Worry make us ill & takes away our joy. Read Michaels new book & take control of your MIND & BODY

Ultra-Violet Haiku De-lights

Transport your focus into the heart of nature and comprehend the reality of natural balanced joys

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