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Healthy Eating, Meaningful Thinking and Authentic Living

Well Well Well
Well Well Well
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"Well Well Well" is a groundbreaking book on healthy eating, meaningful thinking and authentic living. The first section deals with food and nutrition. it includes many useful ideas on how to stay healthy and active throughout a lifetime on earth. Health is a choice and this book gives plenty of authentic choices.

The second part of the book turns the microscope on the way we humans process our thoughts and the ways they can destroy via ignorance or invigorate our lives in a meaningful way via inner truth and wisdom.

The third part of the book help people to obtain full value for the time they have been gifted for time is our most precious asset, we need to spend it wisely. The last part of the book is an excellent guide to mediation via metaphysical spiritual poetry

Jennings Wire
'Eat Well, Think Well, Live Well' Podcast

Listen to an interview with Michael about his book "Well Well Well" with Annie Jennings of JenningsWire.com.

"We'll be talking about Michael's most recent, ground-breaking book Well Well Well: Eat Well, Think Well, Live Well which discusses healthy eating, meaningful thinking and authentic living.

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Live In Love and Joy

Carpe Diem - Pluck The Day
Carpe Diem - Pluck The Day
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Are you seizing the day or are you allowing the day to seize you? Have you lost your bliss? Have you been duped by expert advice that lost you money in the stock market? Do you want to know when it is the best time to invest? Is your job or business thriving in todays market place? Do you find it impossible to lose weight on a diet because you put back whatever you lost? Have you ever taken pills for depression? Is fear, greed and doom capturing your joy? Do you really want to know who is controlling your life?

For Children of All Ages

Little Goody Two Shoes Inspires
Little Goody Two Shoes Inspires
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The story of Little Goody Two Shoes, was one of the most famous, popular and influential children's/adults books of the eighteenth century. It was first published in 1765 and had an unparalleled status for over two hundred years.

At long last, Michael Levy has renewed, refreshed, revitalized and recreated the literature masterpiece. By the inspirational pen of Michael Levy, the creative publication has been gracefully transformed, while at the same time keeping to the original text and meaning as much as possible

Are you seeking answers to the meaning of life?
Do you need to rid all your worry and strife?
Are you sent here for a purpose to change your luck?
Maybe it's your time to buy Michael's book?

The Joys of Live Alchemy - 2nd Edition
Joys of Live Alchemy
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In a series of essays and short stories, you will discover alternatives to the way you now perhaps perceive your world to be. Each essay highlights the cause of … depressive worry, debilitating anxiety, wealth deficiency, illness manifestation, emotional negativity and intellectual despondency.

The identity you carry could be the cause of much sorrow and grief if you are not aware of the damage it can do to your health and wealth. A live alchemist can change negative situations into enlightening experiences... misrepresentations into facts...slants into equilibrium...intellectual blindness into intelligent wisdom. With the aid of live alchemy, every person can live a more genuine life on earth once the realization of the true self becomes a reality.

On the surface chaos ... In the middle Love & Joy.

Cutting Truths
Cutting Truths
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Has anyone taken you for a ride and lost you money? Has anyone given you stress and made you sick? If you could buy eye glasses that would let you cut through peoples talk so that you could see if they were telling you the truth, would you buy them? Well, Michael Levy's new book cannot work miracles; however, it does cut the misty confusion of fallacies and myths that pose as the truth.

They say pre armed is pre warned ... Are you ready to look in the mirror and face your logic and reasoning to find out how valid it is? If so, open the first page and walk the road least traveled...The road that leads to truth.
Life Enchantment Lectures
Wellness, Dis-ease Prevention, Vital - Energetic Living.
Stock Market and Commodity Investing, Corporate Ethics
Prudent Highways to Preserve Assets
Authentic Mental States of Mind
Plus: any current topic, theme or news you would like to understand without biases, close-mindedness or personal opinionated slants.

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"All conflicts are formulated by differences in opinion. Are your opinions generating love and joy every moment you are on earth?" -- Michael Levy

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