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Point of Life Blog2020-08-20T02:58:19+00:00

Point Of Life Blog

The Writers Prayer

Categories: Poetry|

Awaken To a new dawn, I stretch to Infinity 'n reach Beyond the Stars, In an instant I return, Filling every tissue, sinew, with Joy, I feed the nectar of life, into each molecule and [...]

The Man From Nowhere

Categories: Poetry|

The mask slips as the doors close, Time to undertake an invisible Pose A man from nowhere, who nobody knows, Obscure and aloof, from societies shows. The nameless one, no symbol or label, All the [...]

The Skies of Pleasurable Desire

Categories: Essays|

There’s a heavy silence this breeze-less early morn, A contrast to the chaos, the day cities were born. Not a breath of air, the stillness of each leaf, A picturesque clear landscape, beauty beyond belief. [...]

The Authentic Seer

Categories: Essays|

The world has many teachers ... alas; the great ones are few, Love & Joy flow freely ... within the mind of the faith-filled crew, A crew, which instinctively understands ... what’s good - [...]