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The Skies of Pleasurable Desire

2020-08-16T08:14:16+00:00Categories: Essays|

There’s a heavy silence this breeze-less early morn, A contrast to the chaos, the day cities were born. Not a breath of air, the stillness of each leaf, A picturesque clear landscape, beauty beyond belief. The solitude perforated by a happy mockingbird’s song, A prelude to the chorus, which will surely join along, And sure [...]

The Gravy Train

2020-08-16T08:14:16+00:00Categories: Essays, Finance/Investment|

Take a ride on the Gravy Train, clickerty-clack on the track to a gain, wealth and fortunes to a destination with no name, no signals to stop, forgetting the station from whence we came. The journey of a lifetime, seeing love in money, hands in the pots, grabbing all the honey, no time to taste [...]

The Authentic Seer

2020-08-16T08:14:16+00:00Categories: Essays|

The world has many teachers ... alas; the great ones are few, Love & Joy flow freely ... within the mind of the faith-filled crew, A crew, which instinctively understands ... what’s good - n - true, Flashes of truth originate ... from somewhere out of the blue, Sages stroll in mystic light ... [...]