The world has many teachers … alas; the great ones are few,
Love & Joy flow freely … within the mind of the faith-filled crew,

A crew, which instinctively understands … what’s good – n – true,
Flashes of truth originate … from somewhere out of the blue,

Sages stroll in mystic light … meander in mystical dark,
Journeying graciously inside the mysteries of Gods Park,

On a path beautifully bedecked … radiant, in a harmonic eternal glow,
Celebrated in a melodic calm … that faithful wise mortals bestow.

In the marrow of a wise sage … exists a key that has no age,
T’s in a soul’s illustrious log … where inner wisdom turns each page,

An ageless in-tuition … that knows no doubt, nor fear,
Celestial delights embrace … the authentic universal seer.