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The Point of Life Show

2020-10-26T17:20:03+00:00Categories: General, Health & Wellness|

After a break of 5 years, The Point of Life Show with 38.811 listens will broadcast every Saturday @ 10.00 AM EST on Blog Talk Radio. Michael levy will host; Exciting Interviews, Stimulating Talks, Energizing Philosophies, for anyone seeking the Truth, Wisdom & Joy to live a truly successful life.

What The Heart Desires

2020-08-16T08:14:19+00:00Categories: Health & Wellness|

The first humans on earth were a very wise race of beings. They advanced through all manner of obstacles, adversities and dangers because they were in-tune with nature and instinctively knew what was good for their body’s nourishment. Had they not been so skilled in survival and enjoyment of life, the human species would never [...]