The first humans on earth were a very wise race of beings. They advanced through all manner of obstacles, adversities and dangers because they were in-tune with nature and instinctively knew what was good for their body’s nourishment. Had they not been so skilled in survival and enjoyment of life, the human species would never have weathered the torrential storms of evolution.

As time progressed humans became intellectuals and scorned natures wisdom. Accordingly, most humans today associate themselves as a race of well educated intellectual/Ego Beings…. Nature’s wisdom is in very short supply, but no matter… A “good education” is far more important than true insights. Society has an abundance of educated professors, doctors, clergy, etc., and more mayhem and wars than ever before. Where is the sense and logic to that?

The ancientness of the human species is blowing in the dust, whilst its descendants continue to sink deeper, into the intellectuals/egos/(devils) merciless clutches. Every human doctrine has just enough sprinkling of truth in it to sustain its supporters in gratifying ignorance … They will argue and fight to uphold their intellectual teachings at the sacrifice of universal intelligence.

The tinge of truth contained in their doctrines will be sufficient to allow the rest of the mind to be congested with outrageous non-sense within man made symbols, labels and dogma. Authentic Truth Transcends … conjecture, doubt, speculation, thesis, presumptions, suppositions, gamble, theory, assumptions,protocol, formality, ritual, dogma, atheism, religion, ologys and all isums.

So why should humanity settle for anything less than… Absolute Truth?

What’s that you say…who knows absolute truth? Just ask your heart… For it cannot lie. When it is maltreated and abused… it will stop working… and the truth will always prevail. Each individual mortal being has the ability to live a carefree, wholesome, healthy, prosperous life. All mortals have trillions of cells coded to understands and reproduce in a perfect, natural system. All work by absolute truth.

The heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys, liver, etc., all know how to perform their tasks in a flawless synchronicity with all of earth’s generous bounty. Humanities macrocosm is governed by Nature, Universe, God, Cosmos …These are all names/labels that describe the same manifestations in human terminology.

All are clearly visible to the wise, knowing, aware “naked” minds eye. Being in-tune with nature means being in-tune with bodily requirements, which maintain its perfect creation/evolving blueprint. The conscious mind and memory can and does lie to the body, but the body cannot lie to the mind. The body will rebel if it is maltreated and addictions and falsehoods will destroy a body well before its shelf life is up.

Here are just a couple of examples of the egos ignorance out of thousands I continue to encounter… I was invited to a fancy party at the local yacht club recently. A very charming couple, to whom I am acquainted, proceeded towards me and we began to talk. Whilst we were talking, the man ordered two large double Vodka’s. He then went to the snacks table to fill his plate with crackers that contain trans-fats and a variety of cheeses that produce mucus.

Whilst he was away filling his palate, his wife told me they are having a bad time of it, as her husband is receiving treatment for prostate cancer. Chemotherapy, radiation, medication were all helping him to recover from all the damage he had inflicted upon himself.. And how was he helping himself? …Two double Vodkas and dairy products with crackers that contain hydrogenated fats?

A few moths later he died from his symptoms.

The meal served to everyone in the room (most whom are elderly and on medications) was prime rib steak with butter creamed potatoes. The desert was high fat ice cream with added cream, a highly hydrogenated fat cookie, all topped off with butterscotch sauce. Another person who was on my table was in a hospital cardiac ward two days earlier. He asked for an extra serving of dessert. (Do you know anyone like this?) When the brains mis-conditioned taste buds rule the mind and body, the heart is incapable of passing its messages of love and joy until it is too late. It will eventually react to its ill treatment, but alas, many times … it is a terminal performance.

The messages from our hearts desires may exist outside of our intellects comprehension, but it is within our intelligence’s awareness. Therefore: if we cannot give our bodies the nourishment and exercise it desires (with all the knowledge and information science provides) to keep healthy and strong…

1. What chance do we have in keeping our minds (which have a very complex mechanism for administering, truth, wisdom and love) clear of worry and anxiety?
2. If we cannot manage our own health and mental emotional condition, what chance do we stand in guiding our families and work colleagues?
3. What chance do we stand to captain a ship (find true prosperity) if we cannot steer our own lives in the correct direction?

We do not need to gamble and rely on our intellect/egos version of truth. We just require a little time to listen in silence to the hearts intelligent desires. To listen in quietude to authentic meaning… To listen to the appeal from the heart… To listen to a source of truth that cannot lie. Once we comprehend the hearts truth, we can begin to progress and live an authentic life.

“Every heart that has beat strongly and cheerfully has left a hopeful impulse behind it in the world, and bettered the tradition of
mankind.”- Robert Louis

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, once we practice to deceive. (The Heart) -William Shakespeare.
“When Health is absent….Wisdom cannot reveal itself….Art Cannot become manifest … Strength cannot be exerted…..Wealth is Useless and…..Reason is powerless” – Herophilies – 300 B.C….. (What has changed in 2,300 years?)