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The Writers Prayer

2020-08-16T08:14:16+00:00Categories: Poetry|

Awaken To a new dawn, I stretch to Infinity 'n reach Beyond the Stars, In an instant I return, Filling every tissue, sinew, with Joy, I feed the nectar of life, into each molecule and cell, The mind and body embrace Divine love Through the eye of time, I see eternity, Life in life shine [...]

The Man From Nowhere

2020-08-16T08:14:16+00:00Categories: Poetry|

The mask slips as the doors close, Time to undertake an invisible Pose A man from nowhere, who nobody knows, Obscure and aloof, from societies shows. The nameless one, no symbol or label, All the cards lay bare, on the banquet table, Blowing in the wind, that once rocked his cradle, A prince among men, [...]

Poetry For All Truth Seekers

2020-08-16T08:14:17+00:00Categories: Poetry|

Treasures of the Universe Life is an adventure ...with Earth as a playground, Everywhere we look...treasures can be found, A ruby in a rose... diamonds glistening in a lake, Minds filled with dreams or awake. Spiritual beings in human form, Pearls in eyes...seeing tranquility and calm, Floating on emerald sea...golden oceans so [...]

Inspirational Poetry for Mediation n Relaxation

2020-08-16T08:14:18+00:00Categories: Poetry|

The Land Where Souls Play An awakening to dawn mist on the water, Flowing Spirit’s streams to God’s alter, Purifying essence whistles through the trees, Images of the sacred, blowing in the breeze. Flights of fancy from birds up high, Feathers of many colors filtering through the sky, Sun, moon and stars envelops [...]