Treasures of the Universe

Life is an adventure …with Earth as a playground,
Everywhere we look…treasures can be found,
A ruby in a rose… diamonds glistening in a lake,
Minds filled with beauty…in dreams or awake.

Spiritual beings in human form,
Pearls in eyes…seeing tranquility and calm,
Floating on emerald sea…golden oceans so vast,
Silver vapors in the clouds… platinum breezes as the mast.

Every rock holds beauty in its vein,
Every leaf a different color…no shape the same,
Flowing shrubs bursting…with a glowing love,
God sets the scene…everything is a hand in his glove.

All joined together…one poem in a uni-verse,
Every breath of air…is worth a king’s purse,
Jewels of joy…bliss from pole to pole,
Magnificent enchantment…in our universal-soul.

Peaceful Slumber In The For-rest Of The Mind

Listen! How sweet sings the breeze, merrily off trees,
Whispering wonderment, the ear quietly it does please,
Nurturing souls, drifting to Celestial splendor,
Beauty unfolds, as into peaceful slumber, coils surrender.

Castles in the sky, growing columns of inspired aspiration,
Silver shadows flowing through all generations,
Warm cocoons of mortality, linked by silken threads,
Webs of lives, where comfort embeds.

Serenely rests the head of time,
Pillows puff by wisps of the sublime,
Mellow moments spark a fusion sphere,
Perfumed gardens alight, dancing nymphs are near.

Oh, mindful forest flower, rivers many bridges cross,
Branches leaved with neurons, invisible flakes of frost,
Tender is the night, spirits lovingly caress,
Sleep well my children, aware God will bless.

The Joy Of Blue

We live in a field of dreams and thought,
Treasures on earth … that cannot be bought,
Flights of exultation … on the wings of height,
Waves of joy … giving strength and might.

Unforgettable bliss … no want of need,
Motions drifting away … from human greed,
Forever young … an endless mystical clock,
“Blue band waves” … sail to a timeless flock.

In an open aura … shines a galaxy of light,
Mona Lisa’s smile … cascades from Spirit’s sight,
Sparks of Brilliance from invisible rays,
Zaps of white light … vessels all ablaze.

Newborn babies … sensations of pure delight,
Innocence and peace … joy the devil cannot fight,
Thoughts of Joy … keep peace in control,
Loving gifts reside … in the Eternal -Exotic- Soul.

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