Everything relates to nothing … Nothing is relative to everything. When you live as nothing you have no-thing to lose and can turn into any-thing you wish.

Living life in an ever-changing universe can become complex and distressing for most human beings. Everything on earth has a connection to everything else if we take the time to search for their origin. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity changed the whole complexion of humanity’s tone, hue and texture.

From a personal human point of view, all things are relative to the perceiver of the thought of the moment. Einstein once stated, “If you put your hand on a hot stove for a minute it will seem like an hour. If you sit with a pretty girl for an hour, it will seem like a minute.”

If humanity can find reasons why it continually seems to be uneasy with its developments, perhaps it can learn to live a more authentic existence.

Why do people… Die too young?
Why do people… Never have enough money?
Why do people… Always seem to find something that makes them unhappy?
Why do people… Develop a debilitating illness?
Why do people… Keep seeing the grass greener on the other side of the fence?
Why do people… Find conflict with other people beliefs?
Why do people… Cultivate addictive harmful habits?
Why do people… Embrace negative emotions?
Why do people… Follow the herd, even when they sense it is the wrong thing to do?
Why do people… Fight wars when they recognize there are no winners, just some lose less?

The answers to these questions and an infinite number of other questions are established once we detect the relative cause and effect of everything that stems from nothing. This may seem a little obscure, but as we dissect each event and action we encounter, we locate authentic meaning, once we become a living alchemist.

For instance, many golfing equations need an answer before a golfer can become a scratch player. Even when they become a professional and can go around the course in par, you might thing their problems are over…No; they just begin anew with a completely fresh batch of troubling issues.

Every golfer should be aware that, a wrong thought, or ineffective body movement precedes every bad shot. So, what causes erroneous thought? Many answers go begging for consequential questions.

Here are a few.
Was it emotional negativity?
Was it a lack of judgment?
Was it an outside distraction?
Was it just by chance?
What was the cause of the ineffective body movement?
Was it a lack of practice?
Was it a technical habitual fault?
Was it a physical injury?
Was it food not digested properly?
Was it constipation?
Was it a sudden pain?

The questions asked apply to every person in every walk-of-life, not just golf. The answers to all the questions emanate from a chain of events that leads up to each miss-hit shot or lost opportunity. There is an element of luck referred to as rub of the green in every game of life. There is also the random element such as a sudden blast of stormy weather. However, when the mortal being become a live alchemist, it turns a potential bad outcome of happenings into a winning game of life, because the authentic source of wisdom, guides the life-player and the ego steps aside and lets it happen.

Every golfer is aware that the game of golf is a good reflection in the game of life. It has its ups-and-downs, and in the end, you’re left with a scorecard to tally up your triumphs and failures.
When your time on earth is over, how will you mark your card? Will it be overflowing with bogus, negative beliefs that lead you to an early demise … or … Will it take you to the fairway of thought that projects a prosperous lived existence?

Here are a few more questions that need authentic answers and like golf, only you can tot up your score, for it only applies to you and your maker and is nobody else’s concern.

Mark your own card and just answer Yes or No
Do you smoke?
Do you drink more than two glasses of alcohol each month?
Do you enjoy sex?
Are you more than ten pounds overweight?
Do you worry or feel anxious more than a couple of times a week?
Are you in a happy state of mind more than ninety percent of the time?
Do you believe in God, if so, how does your belief affect your life?
Is your faith more important than your joy?
Do you blame the Jews for the death of Christ?
Would you be happy if your son or daughter married a person with a different skin color?
Do you have a pet hate or does other people’s habits ever annoy you?
Can you sit in complete silence, with a totally empty mind, for more than fifteen minutes?
Do you love yourself?
Do you have enough money?
Do you enjoy your work?
Do you love animals?
Do you eat red meat more than twice a week?
Are you successful?
Do you ever get sick i.e.… Hold symptoms more than two days?
Do you walk, swim or exercise for more than twenty minutes, four times a week?
Do you have any addictions?
Do you really know who you are?

When you have calculated your score, put it in a safe place… Then after you read Michael’s book; CUTTING TRUTHS, tot it up again and see if it is the same score. You will have a much clearer picture on what you need to bring about, so that you can delight in your reality, in a comfortable enchantment zone that is older than time itself.