The pressures of living in the twenty-first century have greatly expanded. In fact, as each year passes by, more and more stress and tensions appears to build up in the majority of people’s lives. One factor that brings misery and suffering is the thought that we are responsible for other people’s actions and thoughts. For instance, it is normal for a father and mother to take responsibility for their family’s welfare.

They need to be good husbands and wives to each other and provide money for the family’s food and shelter. They also require being a mentor for the children, and guiding them on a true path of life. If they work for a company, they need to take responsibility for the company’s progress in their respective department or area of expertise.

Then they have friends, relations and other acquaintances who may call on them for help and advice. A whole mountain of responsibilities, right? … No – absolutely wrong!

S/he has only one responsibility the whole of his/her life on earth, and it is only to him or her self.
Yes, that is right…only to him or her self. Do you assume that it is selfish statement to make? Only to take responsibility for one’s own actions and not those of others…. Well, just hold on for a moment before you jump the gun.

People on earth can only be responsible for themselves and what I mean by that is: Each person encompasses, within himself or herself, a response-ability, to keep balanced and centered at all times.

Every individual needs to have the ability-to-respond to each-and-every eventuality they face in their lifetime with wisdom and fortitude. Sometimes it may mean doing things in an unorthodox manner.

I remember a funny story about a Rabbi who went from town to town, delivering the same sermon every time. His driver was being bored and asked if the Rabbi could deliver a new sermon at the next town. The rabbi had a better idea. Since they had never been to the town before, nobody knew who the rabbi was. Moreover, because the driver knew the sermon backwards he would let him deliver it and the rabbi would sit at the back of the room.

All went well and the driver conveyed a magnificent sermon, word for word. However, a very learned professor of theology stood up and asked him about a problem he has with chapter five, verse ten in Genesis and would the rabbi please explain it to him. The speaker thought for a moment and replied; “Why, that is so simple… I will let my driver answer you.”

All human beings need to possess the response ability to know how to keep themselves healthy, wealthy and happy, no matter what negative forces try to knock them off course.

When disasters strike, they need to know how to regroup their resources and use them in the way nature intended. In other words, to use their natural organic brain-power, to its full potential.

Moreover, the reason they need to be able to personally respond wisely to each event that comes their way is….If they cannot take charge of their own actions, behavior, demeanor, resilience, courage, fearlessness, kindness and grace etc…Why then, they certainly cannot take responsibility for even looking after the cat.

Sooner-or-later, both the cat and its ‘responsible’ keeper are going to be crying over spilt milk. For if, a man or a woman cannot control their own emotions and belief systems in an authentic manner, they will only make matters worse for the people they love the most. Eventually they will make themselves sick.

If they allow their taste buds to dictate to the rest of the body what foods it should eat, without understand what the bodies’ digestive and immune system desires, they will become unhealthy human beings.

If they allow outdated belief systems, derived from mythology, that contain fear and revenge, to guide their path, then they will live a miserable life and make everyone they come into contact with miserable.

Every human being is very well equipped, with a super-sonic brain-wave-band-system that can charge up his or her intelligent energy so that it provides every requirement to live a prosperous life on earth. Once they are tuned into the correct channels of infinite wisdom and knowledge they can then, and only then, help others to locate their own inner genius….And that my friends is Your Response Ability…And no-one else’s. You see your pact, bond and linkage is with God and no one else.

Always remember the Ten Tidings for authentic living…

1 … One ounce of compassion is worth more than the advice of a million lawyers.
2 … One glass of water is worth more than an ocean of champagne.
3 … One kind word is worth more that a ten new Rolls Royce’s.
4 … One minute of silence is worth more than a lifetime of idle chatter.
5 … One agreement is worth more than a thousand wars, for everyone loses in a war, no matter what the outcome.
6 … One act of love is worth more than a royal crown
7… One tear of laugh is worth more than a mansion filled with tears of sorrow 8 … One joyful thought is worth more than a hospital full of medicine
9 … One moment of divine bliss is worth more than a billion dollars
10 … One lifetime of true joy is worth more than an eternity of mediocrity.

On reflection, there is only One source of true bliss and well-being and when you follow it, you walk a true path and are one of the few who posses Response Ability… The ability-to-respond to spirit’s, pure, virtuous intent.