A Philosophy for the Individual Investor

Generating substantial amounts of money from the stock and commodity markets takes a special flair. Both markets occasionally act in random chaotic movements, within set trading ranges, or trends for given moments in time. Withstanding chaotic moments is essential for survival in the investment jungle. Losing a few short-term battles must be mentally acceptable in winning the long-term gains.

Sooner-or-later, all trends change and if the investor/ trader does not change with them, they will forfeit their money. In the stock market, conceivably it may be later. In the commodity markets, the losses are more likely to be a lot sooner.

The biggest handicap a person exhibits is the delusion established by their own personal opinions on which direction, they rigidly believe, any financial market or particular stock will journey. People talk about being bullish or bearish and become very adamant about the direction they believe their interests will travel. Being stuck in any cemented mind-set is a sure way to ruin.

The biggest curse could be a “good education,” for the more a person supposedly knows about investments and trades, the more likely it becomes that they will fix their attitude and opinions to establish camp as a bull or a bear. Education should be employed as a tool for interpreting and relaying information. It should not be used as a medium of setting the mind in stone.

In today’s world, there are multitudes of trading systems, which can assist the investor/ trader. Gathering all the information the hi-tech world provides should be a good thing…So, if it is “a good thing”… why doesn’t every financially educated person make money? All the information they collect and compile is, in all likelihood, the reason why they do not make money. It is not that the information is faulty… It is the manner in which it is envisioned and interpreted that has shortcomings.

Circumstances change, and what started out as a good tip or idea can become a losing proposition for a myriad of reasons. So how can a regular person who wants to get rich, earn money in financial markets, without dependence on “experts or gurus,” who rarely make substantial money for their clients, over a long period. Well, the individual investor needs to become a compass with no fixed direction… A barometer with – no high or low.

Visualize a dial that has north-east-south-west on it. The investor is a human arrow that is unrestrained and is free to move in any direction. However, desire and opinion is removed from the make up of the human arrow. There is no glass to cover the dial and the arrow will travel in the direction the wind blows. The arrow has no independent choices to ponder … It must move with the winds direction, no matter how it has been assembled. If it resists the wind’s power, it will divorce from its dial and will elude true direction. (Go Broke!)

The arrow’s direction moves by an intelligence magnetism that is beyond its grasp, yet it is in reach of its awareness, therefore it can be mobilized in any fashion. What this means is; the human mind is susceptible to change from a force it does not recognize, yet it knows it exists in an intangible manner, which is comparable to the wind.

This compelling magnetism breeds … Truthful Investment Savvy. The investor empowerment policy becomes … Truthful Investment Savvy.

Once the investor/ trader release their obstructed mind-set convictions, and they enhance an open observational approach to every transaction, they will have a greater chance to earn money in the markets. It does not mean they will not slip back into old traits and make mistakes.

The acknowledgement of the mistakes is a litmus test, which explains how the actions went against the direction of the wind (market forces). Instead of relying on opinions formulated from sources that may or may not be true, they position their minds awareness to become a …Proactive transformation energy.

– Information is identified, correlated, and then linked to ways it will move in synchronicity with a market or stock, without a personal opinion hindrance.

– Instead of reacting with fear or greed to information, they move with grace and harmony into each deal.

– They are not afraid to take a profit or loss.

– They may lose many battles but they know they will win the war.

– Setbacks and adversities become a power fuel that infuses the energy, to re-consign any loss into an increased profit at a later date.

– They entrust their financial future to no other human being.

– They command their own ship with benevolence and kindness to other people.

– They find there decision-making skills continue to expand and relate to greater profits.

– Restrictions of attitude and opinions fade away and reside in a quite corner of the mind.

– Stubborn pride and unyielding presumptions give way to the authentic reason for being in the market… It is to make money, not to defend the Ego. … Buying a stock is a date, not a marriage.

A new financial warrior is born who enjoys every transaction no matter the outcome.
The game; ‘TIS afoot and open to infinite possibilities,
‘TIS the adrenaline of pure potential, flowing through the veins,
The blood; ‘TIS transfused with universal intelligence,
it flows into every cell and molecule of the mind/body.
Now the investor/ trader can go forth and multiply with Truthful Investment Savvy.

What’s in a Name?

The Stock Exchange,
Straddled with Bulls, Bears and Stags,
A faux farmhouse,
Mask the… pen and ink!
Time and money to invest,
What’s the option?
Perhaps a change of name…
The Rascal House Deli ?
Call; for a pastrami-on-rye
Put; on plenty of ketchup and mustard