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Point Of Life Blog

Poetry For All Truth Seekers

Categories: Poetry|

Treasures of the Universe Life is an adventure ...with Earth as a playground, Everywhere we look...treasures can be found, A ruby in a rose... diamonds glistening in a lake, Minds filled with [...]

What The Heart Desires

Categories: Health & Wellness|

The first humans on earth were a very wise race of beings. They advanced through all manner of obstacles, adversities and dangers because they were in-tune with nature and instinctively knew what was good for [...]

Truthful Investment Savvy

Categories: Finance/Investment|

A Philosophy for the Individual Investor Generating substantial amounts of money from the stock and commodity markets takes a special flair. Both markets occasionally act in random chaotic movements, within set trading ranges, or trends [...]

Everything is Relative

Categories: Philosophy|

Everything relates to nothing … Nothing is relative to everything. When you live as nothing you have no-thing to lose and can turn into any-thing you wish.Living life in an ever-changing universe can become complex [...]